Goats for Sale

We currently have no babies available. There will be more born near February/March 2019!

If you would like to be contacted when more babies will become available or want to be added to the waiting list, email thetexascrafter@live.com.When you email, list which kind (registered or unregistered) and the sex you would prefer.
Blue eyed girls are the most popular.

When making deposits:

***Pick up only (will meet half way on certain circumstances – will add on fuel cost)- deposit will only be returned if the baby deceases before leaving the farm. If not picked up within 30 days of go-home date or an agreed upon date with us, the deposit will be forfeit. Select the baby wanting to deposit, and then click the PayPal button. Can pay with card or cash in person as well if you would like to make an appointment. Contact us at thetexascrafter@live.com.
*** The deposit goes to the total cost of the goat. ex) $100 goat with a $25 depost = $75 on pick up. Adult goats do not need deposits and can be picked up on a set upon date from both parties.

*** Adult goats that are sold are up to date on their worming, have their yearly CD&T shot, and have had their CAE test done unless specified. A copy of the CAE paperwork can be requested. Babies that are sold will have their first/and or second CD&T shot, coccidiosis preventative, and worming when leaving the farm unless sold under one month of age. All of the herd is healthy and goats are healthy upon leaving the farm – once leaving the farm, the persons purchasing the animal is responsible for happenings outside of the farm.



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