About Us

The Betsy Blue Farm was founded by Michelle and had been dreamt of through her early years of childhood into adulthood. Michelle was raised in an agricultural family. Growing up, she watched her grandparents, aunts and uncles, and her mom and dad work and live on a large family dairy farm in Hondo, TX.

Her immediate family moved from Hondo, TX  to Austin, TX at age 7. The family dairy ran full steam until the mid 2000s, and her family would visit on weekends. Although they no longer lived in Hondo, TX, her passion for agriculture still remained. To stay in contact with her roots, Michelle rode horses starting at age 10, and she joined Future Farmers of America (FFA) her Sophomore year of high school. She raised and showed sheep, pigs, and chickens for three years. At the start of her senior year she realized that she wanted to become a sheep breeder for FFA/4H. She raised a ewe named Betsy that had a baby sheep named Blue. She enjoyed the process immensely, and this experience was one of her inspirations to start the farm.

After graduating from high school, she attended college at Texas A&M University and Tarleton State University where she obtained her bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Economics with a focus in Agribusiness Management. After college, she moved back to Hondo, TX and started working on her farm dream.

Her grandparents had both passed and the dairy had dwindled down by the time she returned. She moved onto the family land and started with two miniature goats and a garden. Self-sufficiency became the new dream, and too much milk inspired her to start making lye goat milk soap. She also started breeding miniature goats and growing produce enough to start her own business. The name that was selected for the business was “The Betsy Blue Farm” which is present on every label today.

After a few years, the farm moved to the neighboring farmer’s land. The business has expanded into more than a self-sufficient project. Now the farm provides the community areas of Hondo, Castroville, Boerne, Bandera, and Kerville with fresh non-certified organic produce, goat milk soap, and canned goods. The Betsy Blue Farm also provides plants, goats, rabbits, and chickens to families to start their own self-sufficient farms.

The Betsy Blue Farm is run by Michelle, Jake (her fiance), and Beth (her sister) and is expanding every day. Michelle is the 7th generation in her family to work in agriculture and milking.

Our new goal is to obtain our Grade A Dairy and Raw Milk Permit and expand the farm. As of September 2018, the farm has expanded to additional location! The overarching goal for The Betsy Blue Farm is to provide wholesome fresh raw goat milk, cheese, and organic fresh produce to the community to enrich people’s diets, bodies, and minds. Agriculture is an important part of everyone’s lives – and to provide food to people’s tables is the best part of the experience.

Creator and Founder: Michelle Steubing

Jake Friesen

Jake has been on a farms and ranches his whole life. Growing up in Kansas, him and his family worked commercial farms. During his early adulthood, he ranched in Montana. Currently he works for large scale farmers in the Hondo, TX area and spends his free time working on the farm.

Beth Steubing

Beth, Michelle’s sister, is a recent Texas A&M graduate with a bachelor’s in Environmental Science. She helps out on the farm whenever she has free time from her job in Dallas, TX.


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