Welcome to The Betsy Blue Farm’s Website!


CLOSED Until March 2020

Produce Year Round – Custom Orders Accepted
6312 FM 471, San Antonio, TX 78253

We are so glad that you decided to stop by and find out about our place.

Feel free to look around, see all the wonderful sites and experience our day-to-day lives.


We sell:
Organically Grown Vegetables
Goat Milk Body Products
Canned and Baked Goods



8 thoughts on “Home

  1. Michelle,
    I put a deposit down on Stardust & Twinkles hope you got it. Iam going to SA this weekend would like to stop by on my way through or on my way back. Let me know if that is possible.
    Thx Vicky

    1. Yes – I received it and updated all of my for-sale ads. I work every weekend unfortunately, but I get home around 7:30pm. Would you be interested in coming over still? I am off Tues, Wends, Thurs, and half of Fri. I had texted you – don’t know if you receive texts or not. Let me know what day you want to come and we can arrange a meeting! ~Michelle

  2. Hi! We are so glad to have you in the neighborhood. Are you are only going to be open on Wednesdays, or will you ever be open on the weekends in the rio Medina location?

    1. Hello! We are only open Wednesdays for now. I am considering possibly opening Saturday in “peak season” when we get extra help. Right now I do the farmer’s market in Boerne on Saturday’s (our 4th year). ~Michelle

      1. Thanks so much, Michelle! We love fresh produce and live in Castroville so we’re only a stone’s throw away from you. We’re hoping to come see you this coming Wednesday. In case I missed it, what is your exact address?

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