What is a loofah?

Whenever we take the plants or the foreign objects to the market, people always ask “What is it???” 

Well it is a loofah plant that produces loofahs. “What is a loofah” you ask? Well you know those sponge looking things you use in the shower to scrub off dead skin? That’s a loofah! AND they grow on a plant! 

The plant is a vining plant – loves the heat – and has properties like a gourd. There are beautiful yellow flowers and long gourd type things that come down that look like cucumbers. 

They water like squash, but are pretty hardy to hot weather. They don’t require too much water. 

Once they dry on the vine, they turn out to be a shell. 

Then you peel off the shell through the membranes and underneith is the loofah. 

Shake it to one end and the seeds are in the inside!

You then have seeds for next year and a scrubby loofah for the shower! You can do all sorts of arts/crafts with it including putting soap in the middle. 

 And that ladies and gentlemen is what a loofah is!   



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